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Bond Cleaning Brisbane

Don’t leave your money with the Landlord

We have helped over 25,000+ people get their bond back!

5 Top Reason People Use a Brisbane Bond Cleaning Company

  2. Fussy Property Manager
  3. Hates Cleaning
  4. Moving INTERSTATE
  5. Tenant hasn’t done the cleaning properly

4 Reason WHY Clients use Us for Their BOND CLEANING

  1. FREEDOM & RELIEF to move on
  2. PEACE OF MIND – We offer the ONLY 21 DAY Return Guarantee in AUSTRALIA
  3. STRESS FREE – We can deal with the property manager for you
  4. TRUST – Property Manager know we return if needed
Bond Cleaning In Brisbane

Bond Cleaning Brisbane

Most people, that use our Bond Cleaning Brisbane service, tell me that, the thing they liked the most was; the fact that we co-ordinated the bond cleaners and the carpet cleaners arrival so they didn’t have to wait around for various people through out the day or over the course of a few days.

So we not only get their old home into spic and span condition we also give them back time to so they can unpack and put their feet up in their new home.

They liked that they could literally pack the moving truck and move straight into their new home with out having to worry about the old house.

Tenants that use our Bond Cleaning Brisbane services every time they move, do so because they know if we stand by our guarantee.

If the agent isn’t happy we return as quickly as possible to rectify any issues they may have.

Property Managers use us time and time again. Often requiring same day service to rectify other cleans not to standard by either the exiting tenant or another cleaning company (employed by their tenant) refusing to return.

So when getting your bond back is a priority. Make sure you call us for Bond Cleaning in Brisbane.

Bond Cleaning Brisbane
from $45 per roomMore Special Offers
See our ultimate guide to getting you money bond back.Learn from our Experts
From $40 per RoomMore special offers
“I have to say that Brisbane Bond Cleaning has the best Bond cleaners in Brisbane…”
Sarah Macdonald (Mount Gravatt)Hear more from our customers

Moving out and need that all important bond clean?

Bond Cleaning Brisbane team can help you reclaim every cent.

We are Brisbane’s best and most affordable bond cleaning specialists starting from only $45 per room for full bond cleans. Don’t leave your money with the landlord. Call our Bond Cleaning Brisbane team to make sure you receive every cent back.

People get their bond back and counting
Bond Cleaning starts at this low low price.
Guarantee get your money bond back!
Real Estates throughout Brisbane that we provide services to

Do you lead a busy life?

Would life be easier if you only had to deal with one company for your entire move out cleaning requirements? Well look no further our Bond Cleaning Brisbane specialists have you covered for the move out clean. We are competitively priced because we understand when you are renting you still want value for money and a high standard of work so you get your bond back quickly.

Fully Guaranteed

All of our work by our Brisbane bond cleaners is to REIQ and Real Estate checklist specifications and most importantly it is all fully guaranteed so your bond return is hassle free.

End of Lease Bond Cleaning Specials And Packages

From $45 per Room
FREE oven clean with any full bond cleaning booking

Carpet Cleaning Specials

3 Rooms for $87

Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control Specials

4 Rms + Fleas In & Out $185

The Bond Clean includes

  • Light fittings

  • Fans/Air conditioning Vents we can reach from a stepladder

  • Toilet(s)

  • Kitchen

  • Oven

  • Range Hood

  • Walls are lightly spot cleaned

  • Cupboards

  • Windows (Inside Only)

  • Windowsills/tracks

  • Skirting Boards

  • Garage(s) are decobwebbed and swept only

  • Floors mopped

  • Carpets are vacuumed


What we pride ourselves on?

We pride ourselves on our exceptional quality and customer service providing our clientèle with a premium clean at a competitive price. Also we can claim something no other company can and that in the last 8 years we have helped over 15,000 people get their bond back in Brisbane.

Why should you trust us?

  • Bond Cleaning Brisbane currently provides their services to over 75 Real Estates throughout Brisbane and its surrounds.

  • Bond Cleaning Brisbane has a team of 10 carpet cleaners and 9 Bond Cleaners.

  • They are fully accredited and trained through the industry Professional organisation – JenaDyco and accredited by – IICRC. All our accredited carpet cleaners hold a Qld Health Pest Management license and are fully insured for your protection./p>

  • Bond Cleaning Brisbane Provide all their Professional End of Lease cleaners and Carpet Cleaners with ongoing up to date training.

User Reviews: We Love our Customers, And They Love Us.

We are fully dedicated to our customers’ satisfaction. We pride ourselves on our exceptional quality and customer service providing our clientèle with a premium clean at a competitive price. With over 25,000 clients and counting, you cannot go wrong with Brisbane Bond Cleaners. Check out what our users are saying about Us

“The Best Bond Cleaners in Brisbane.”

“I have to say that Brisbane Bond Cleaners are the best Bond cleaners in brisbane , I am a mother of 3 young children and as you can imagine they can make a mess. But I got all my bond money back!” – Sarah Macdonald (Mount Gravatt)

Hi Just wanted to say how impressed I was with your service. Admin staff were polite and helpful and Matthew was brilliant, I have no qualms about recommending you to friends. Keep up the good work, service like yours is rare, cheers
Hi, just some feedback that you can post on your website. We have used other cleaning companies in the past to provide a bond clean and have always had to call them back in for a second scrub. The Bond Cleaning Brisbane specialists were a truly professional team of customer focused cleaners that really got the job done properly. Friendly, cost effective and true to their word, the Aim Home Services team made moving house and bond retrieval one less hassle. I look forward to our next appointment. Thanks again
Matt, Ellie and Charlotte
I have to say that Bond Cleaning Brisbane are the best Bond cleaners in brisbane , I am a mother of 3 young children and as you can imagine they can make a mess. But I got all my bond money back!
Sarah Macdonald (Mount Gravatt)

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