Being on the first page of Google doesn’t mean they are an Expert. In fact as of 25th November 2013 I know of 4 companies that appear on the 1st page of Google for various searches from Carpet cleaning in Brisbane and Bond Cleaning in Brisbane,

Mackay and Townsville, Sydney, Melbourne and Gold Coast that either take people’s money and don’t do the job or are completely inexperienced and do more damage that you as a consumer are reliable for paying for… Especially with a move out.


A professional website only costs a few hundred dollars. Don’t be fooled. As much as most of us around are honest and know what we are doing. Some hide behind their websites. You need to ensure there is an office location.


ALL these BAD / INCOMPETENT / THIEVING companies have terrible reviews and the bad reviews are consistent. Unfortunately in this day and age people are very quick to write a bed review.

Even the GOOD companies (and they are out there) have bad reviews, but what you are looking for is a consistent trend in the bad reviews. This WILL be obvious when you start reading them. eg never return my phone calls, took my money and never showed up. took the cash and left without doing the clean.


Make sure you are comparing APPLES with APPLES.When getting a quote ensure you give the same information to everyone. Id suggest you write down what you want done:
a) Bond Clean – ensure you have written down every room in the house.

E.g. 4 bedrooms / 2 bathrooms / lounge – Dining / Kitchen and laundry plus a rumpus and media room and formal lounge. 2 storey in good condition. Plus 10 venetian blinds
b) Carpet – list ALL carpeted areas bedrooms, combined living areas, to walk in wardrobes, hallways and small landing areas at the top of the stairs
c) Pest – If you are moving out and had a pet you will require a flea treatment. Check you agreement because even if you haven’t had a pet you may be required to do a general pest control treatment.
NB. It is important to disclose ALL areas and the condition of the property because if you don’t ANY company that you choose will ask for extra on the day.


Ensure the person quoting you over the phone is asking lots of questions, this is the sign of a good company, ensuring they ask what they can to be able to give a true price. Be as honest as possible with them disclosing as much as possible.


If ANYONE says they will provide a FREE Stain Treatment. Ask them ONE question. “Does this stain treatment include removal of the stain or is this extra”. Any experienced carpet cleaner knows that stains are an unknown until we get onsite and a STAIN TREATMENT is the process on takes to attempt removal.

NO IICRC certified technician will ever guarantee removal over the phone. The process of a stain treatment includes extra time and / or extra chemical, therefore would always cost extra. Sometime with move outs it is a small price to pay.


Ensure you know how they charge.
a) BOND CLEANING – Is it a set price based on the information you have given or is it an hourly.
b) CARPET CLEANING – Is it a room rate or a price per m2.
(Both of these can be hourly rates or m2 disguised as a room rate – ASK THE QUESTION)


Ask when you are getting a quote if they are IICRC accredited. They should be able to provide you with their accreditation License when they are onsite. Companies like ours that take pride in our workmanship and reputation,

generally enforce this as a standard requirement, again those COWBOYS disguised as ANGEL’s out there have NO certification at all.
NB. This industry is completely unregulated. Companies like our regulate from within and require all technicians be IICRC Certified (The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) this is recognized internationally as a knowledgeable industry voice and resource. It serves as an independent, nonprofit standard-setting and certification body, to set and promote high standards and ethics; and to advance communication and technical proficiency within the inspection, cleaning and restoration service industries. In a Nutshell, its a uni degree for Carpet Cleaners


Ensure your pest technician is a licensed professional. Issues with a state government issued license. These MUST be carried by them AT ALL TIMES and provided for siting upon request. ALL our carpet technicians are qualified and licensed for pest control.


Did they send a professional quote promptly?


For Bond Cleaning this is a normal request….. HOWEVER…… Before handing over your hard earned dollars – refer back to point 2… READ REVIEWS.

You will find a common trend with a handful of companies that take your money and don’t show up on the day or take your money wait for you to leave and disappear. For your own piece of mind. Ensure you have a physical office address not a PO BOX. These sheisters have awesome looking, fancy websites and work out of the back of a car. As much as most people are honest as I mentioned before even on the first page of Google are some plain out right thieves. DO YOUR HOMEWORK…


Especially if you are moving out. 24 – 48 hour guarantees are useless. Your property manager legally has 3 business days to inspect the property from the day your lease ends. If this is a Friday, technically they don’t have to inspect until the following Wednesday. This isn’t always the case however in peak times like June / July and over the Christmas holidays it is.