Moving out and need that all important bond clean?

Brisbane Bond Cleaning

Brisbane Bond Cleaning

Our Brisbane Bond Cleaning team can help you reclaim every cent.

We are Brisbane’s best and most affordable bond cleaning specialists starting from only $45 per room for full bond cleans. Don’t leave your money with the landlord. Call our Brisbane Bond Cleaning team to make sure you receive every cent back.

All of our work by our Brisbane bond cleaners are to REIQ and Real Estate checklist specifications and most importantly it is all fully guaranteed so your bond return is hassle free.

Our Brisbane Bond Cleaning team are full of professional bond cleaners. We proudly serve all Greater Brisbane areas from Gold Coast to Ipswich, Redlands to Caboolture and ALL the Brisbane AREAS in between.

Brisbane Bond Cleaning is a one stop shop. We offer a range of services. What that means for you is: You don’t have to waste your time, waiting around for numerous contractors and try to co-ordinate between them all… We do it all for you. Offering Brisbane Bond Cleaning, Brisbane Carpet Cleaning and move out pest control. Think of it like an ALL inclusive package. Tailored to meet your budget and requirements.

We’re ready to make your place the cleanest it’s ever been.

Do you remember how exciting it was to move into your place when it was new, fresh and clean? Let’s see if we can restore it to its former GLORY. At Brisbane Bond Cleaning our main goal is to get your property to a standard that will pass your property managers inspection. So they can sign off on your bond and you get every last cent back.


It all starts with us going through an extensive list of questions to ensure we have an understanding of the size and condition of your property and any other services you may require from us.

We’ll then let you know a set price based on that information and how long it’s going to take and what it’s going to require of you before we arrive on the day of the clean.


The Clean:
Walls Spot Cleaned, all floors vacuumed and mopped. Lights, Fans, Air Con Unit and filters Architraves, Windows, Window Frames, Window Tracks Doors, Door frames, All Cupboards and Draws All Shelves, Wardrobes, Bathrooms, Vanities, Showers recesses / Baths, Exhaust fans, Toilets, Laundry, Kitchen, Cupboards, Draws, Shelves, Fridge cavities Garages are swept and de-cobwebbed.


The Guarantee:
When your property manager goes through and does the final EXIT inspection. If there is something that they believe does not meet their satisfaction and if it is what is included in your clean, we simply request that either they or you email us a list of what needs to be rectified and we will arrange for YOUR BOND CLEANER to return.

Our Bond Clean Includes

The commonality between every room in your house is that it has a floor and
walls. Where they meet, dust and dirt collect. You know that threat of having to
clean the baseboards? Well, we’ll do it for you with a smile on our faces!
This is where most of the grease and grime is found> YOUR BOND CLEANERS
will use professional grade chemicals to cut through that grease and grime with
ease. We also clean the top of all the kitchen cupboards. The hiding place for
years of built up grease.
Make sure your home is the antithesis of a filthy truck stop bathroom. We
don’t mind getting down and dirty (and we’re even pretty good at it). We use
calcium treatments on the shower screen too, to cut through the calcified water
and soap scum to get the best result
WE wipe over all air-con units and also pull out the filter inside and clean
it of all the pollutants.
Those fiddly window tracks we love to clean. With the right tools it’s a
breeze for YOUR BOND CLEANER. all windows are cleaned on the inside as well so they will be left crystal clear from the inside.
Bug filled light fittings are a delight for us too. YOUR BOND CLEANER will
swiftly remove, clean and replace. Fans hide thick dust and Architraves spun
with cob webs that only Spiderman.
All garages are swept and decob webbed. We also wipe out any cupboards and


  • Blinds
  • Wall Washing (when a wall needs more than just a light spot clean)
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Pest Control
  • External Windows
  • Lawn Mowing
Do you lead a busy life? Would life be easier if you only had to deal with one company for your entire move out cleaning requirements?
Well, look no further. Brisbane Bond Cleaning specialists have you covered for the move out clean. We are competitively priced because we understand when you are renting you still want value for money and a high standard of work so you get your bond back quickly.

The Bond Includes

  • Cupboards
  • Windows (Inside Only)
  • Windowsills/tracks
  • Skirting Boards
  • Garage(s) are decobwebbed and swept only
  • Floors mopped
  • Carpets are vacuumed
  • Light fittings
  • Fans/Air conditioning Vents we can reach from a stepladder
  • Toilet(s)
  • Kitchen
  • Oven
  • Range Hood
  • Walls are lightly spot cleaned